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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by crackajack View Post
Started vvvvvv. Like it so far. [...]
rage quit after endlessly failing on one jump.
A game that's hard, fine. but give me some hours of tutorial before getting there ... and or much better controls.
Will dust off my Saitek Pad to transfer the keyboard controls onto the pad. Maybe it's playable then.

The basic mechanic is super easy, click&rotate + gravity, but it's very hard overall. and a little too much depending on luck sometimes (like every chain combo puzzle game)
Must be pretty ignored by gamers so far since entering some of the various top 100 lists is unavoidable if you invest some hours.
There is a flash demo of one game mode available, but it shows really only one rather minor mode. You better watch also some videos of the other modes, which are not so obviously or not at all based on luck.
7,99 might be high, but if on sale again people who like Hexic, Meteos or Lumines or anything like that, should take a closer look, imo it's better than the mentioned.
Played almost 20 hours and there are still modes to unlock.

Heavy Rain
beginning was very fine, but i think Fahrenheit was better for various reasons.
This actually was the game triggering my PS3 buy. So being disappointed might originate from too high expectations.
Hope i will enjoy replaying the possible iterations of the story more, now with my expectations adjusted.

Bioshock 2
After Zanbatou said it is harder than Bioshock 1 i felt forced to return to my savegame and check that, since i thought it was even easier, boringly easy.
He was right.
After Ryan Amusements death becomes a possibility. Still easy compared to other shooters, but at least sufficiently challenging.
So far i am not sure if it's worse than the original.

Since Contract Killer Zombies has become too hard i started Contract Killer, without zombies.
Loading times are sometimes longer than the play time since its a sniper game. One shot, done.
Same "buy better weapons" ads all the time but since the basic sniper rifle is very ok, it's doable so far.
Only in the missions were my mission is ambushed and 6 enemies have to be eliminated i fail when not head shooting them in a row, take too much damage in the rather long reloading times after each single shot.

Blood & Glory
I guess it could be fun but it is crashing way too often so i stopped playing and wait for an update.
Fight Night Gladiator, sort of.
For cheapos. Free(mium) like all Android games i tried so far.
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