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Re: The Witcher 2

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
If I continue playing the Witcher 2, I should consider going to anger management courses.
It seems to me that since the patch, the difficulty is more balanced. That, and on my second playthrough (and toward the latter part of my first) I've paid more attention to keeping weapons and armor upgraded, and having a good stash of ranged weaponry.

Still, this game undoubtedly suffers from some frustrating difficulty spikes where if you aren't fully prepared, you'll get your ass kicked. I'm tempted to say that adding the ability to drink potions in combat would remedy this somewhat, but the reality is that if you make use of the alchemy skill tree your potions last much longer and become much more powerful, so potions don't have much use if you never level those skills.

So I turned the difficulty down on this boss fight the first time through after getting my ass kicked a dozen times or so and barely making a dent in his health. And yet I eventually realized that this isn't like other RPGs where you can ignore this or that and expect to sail through the game above the "easy" setting. If you want to avoid the difficulty spikes, you have to make use of all the resources available to you. The second time through, I kicked his ass!
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