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Re: CRPGs and JRPGs: your thoughts?

JRPGs don't dominate consoles anymore either. Their last bastion are handhelds right now.

I believe JRPGs are a dying breed, because they have not evolved with the times. Back in the 80s and 90s, JRPGs general design was the only way to have an involving experience. Hardware limitations meant that developers could not create very interesting combat mechanics and open worlds, so the gameplay was simply a skin deep turn based system resembling D&D, which had to be different from game to game even in the same series, because if it remained the same, people would find out eventually. In reality, it was just a brainless grind in order to pad the extremely linear storyline. Storylines were over the top saving the world plots, and that was all about those games.

After the mid 90s, technology allowed more complex mechanics and presentation, and while CRPGs exploited that to create interesting worlds and gameplay mechanics, JRPGs used it to create over the top presentation and flashy "summon sequences" instead of interesting gameplay,while making plots more and more absurd along the way and remaining linear.

Eventually we came to the current generation, with CRPGs becoming immersive complex worlds with nice gameplay mechanics, and JRPGs failing to compete. JRPGs have almost nothing to offer anymore. The only reason to play them, is for their visual style and only that. Even their storylines aren't that good anymore. If you like anime, chances are you will like them too. But if you just want a nice game with a nice world and a system of gameplay worth spending time with, CRPGs are the way.
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