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Re: 3DS second circle pad rumour

I believe the 3DS doesn't need a second circle pad at all. Nintendo is making a big mistake with it. FPS games are better using the touchscreen anyway. Just play some fps games on the original DS like Metroid Prime Hunters. I find it much more precise and intuitive than the second analog. In fact, the second analog is not as useful in consoles either. Developers need to dump down the AI and provide Auto Aim and Cover mechanics in order to make it work.

So why Nintendo adds it? Because developers are lazy and want to just port their consoles games with little changes. Also the want the gaming public to remain familiar with the dual analog controls, because this controlling scheme makes dumping the AIs essential. If controls were more precise, people would demand that the AI became smarter, and this costs money and time from a developer point of view...

Nintendo after being criticised for lack of 3rd party support, is willing to do whatever they want, including taking a vast PR hit despite the fact that they did nothing wrong. Now the gaming public believes that the 3DS is flawed, despite the fact that the touch screen is far better than a second circle pad and there are also an accelerometer and a gyroscope, both useful for looking in first person as shown in Ocarina of Time 3DS.

Most are waiting to buy the next version of the 3DS they believe is around the corner, and this costs Nintendo both money and PR. Sales could have been much better if people bought the console instead of waiting for a redesign.

Also, now that there will be a second analog, there will be less incentive to make better control schemes on the 3DS from 3rd party developers, and the potential of this device will be underutilised. Now we have to wait for Nintendo to show through their 1rst party games how games on this machine should be done...
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