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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
I eventually got Gywn by suiting up in Havel's armour, dispensing with my shield totally (it was ineffective and draining my stamina), equipping Iron Flesh and using Gravelord Sword+4 as a two hander and just hammering him while quaffing flasks. It wasn't very subtle, but effective. It was also the only time I used magic in the game.
Interesting. I put on the lightest armor with decend fire-resistance I had, put on the fire resistance ring, the dragon crest shield and my trusty claymore and was mainly evading his attacks. Then two-handing and smashing at him until stamina is low. He was stunned quite easy as I found out. I even managed to parry two of his attacks with a nice riposte following up. Afterwards I thought maybe I could have beaten him like Garl Vinland in Demon's Souls, who was super-easy once I nailed the parrying-timing.

End Spoilers
I have to say again that I really loved all the levels except Anor Londo.
I found Anor Londo gorgeous! The level that annoyed me the most was New Londo with the stupid ghosts and even stupider Four Kings. I think I died there more often than in the entire rest of the game.
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