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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
I wonder is it the guy on the church altar? Some people in the original playthrough didn't even see him, I believe. Maybe for those people he has returned in NG+?
He was similar to the guy at the altar, but with a different weapon if I'm not mistaken. I also found two undead soldiers at the bonfire next to the male undead merchant to be red phantom-ish. They soak up much more damage and also deal much more than the regular dreglings in that area.

That all only started after defeating the gargoyles. Talking about defeating: I'm back in Anor Londo on my NG+, just finished the Iron Golem. But I skipped quite some areas and so far ignored the Capra Demon and the Gaping Dragon. Instead I went straight to Quelaagh, joined the Daughters of Chaos for more pyromancies and went quickly through Sen's Fortress to show the Iron Golem my new pyromancies.

Before I forget: also did the Ceaseless Discharge. The exploit doesn't seem to work anymore, so I had to do it "the hard way". By hiding behind a rock and smashing at any tentacle I can see.
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