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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

True, I would never have found that final path in the Crystal Cave without the messages!

It's funny, I got the Four Kings on my first go - however I didn't even realise that there were four of them as I just got in their grilles and started flailing away - I more or less thought it was the same guy and was looking around for the other three. That's where being a tank was handy I thought, and also the very last boss whom I tried many times both as light-and heavy-armoured.

Spoilers for last boss fight

I eventually got Gywn by suiting up in Havel's armour, dispensing with my shield totally (it was ineffective and draining my stamina), equipping Iron Flesh and using Gravelord Sword+4 as a two hander and just hammering him while quaffing flasks. It wasn't very subtle, but effective. It was also the only time I used magic in the game.

End Spoilers

I realise now that I should have been using varied tactics throughout the game, as and when required. But I really didn't get strong enough to use decent armour (and I hadn't killed Havel or the Firekeeper killer so I didn't have their rings) till late in the game.

I have to say again that I really loved all the levels except Anor Londo.
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