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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
That would be my main complaint - for those who enjoy playing alone, or don't have online, it could be very frustrating.
That is true. Some of the orange markings from other players helped me out a lot in some areas like the crystal cave. I'm sure I'd have spent at least 10 hours more finding my way if it wouldn't have been for that orange message that made me realize how the way goes. Summoning help was also very handy, especially when being invaded. Even though some of the phantoms I summoned were acting like total morons, the majority was very helpful.
I pretty much changed from a light armoured character to a tank in the later stages when I got strong enough (Havel's armour, Gravelord Sword) and that was a lot of fun as it's very different to my usual playstyle.
Interesting. I changed my weapon and armors quite a lot in the course of the game. Initially playing a warrior I was getting heavier until and including the black iron armor as soon as I found it. Then I started mixing in lighter armor again and now I'm running around with the Dingy set (the one that can be found after the firekeeper dies) with the mask of the child from the pinwheel, wielding a Claymore. For the few bosses that need heavier armor I have Ornsteins stuff with me and there are always Black Iron and Havels in the bottomless box.

Regarding bosses: Ornstein & Smough were pretty tough, but the boss I had most trouble with were the Four Kings. Unlike other bosses where I at least got close to beating them after a couple of tries, Four Kings were simply demolishing me after a dozen tries. Most other bosses I managed at first or second attempt. Only a few required me going there more than 3 times.
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