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Re: Last movie impressions

Plastic Planet
The shocking part of it was that it really did not shock as much as it probably should. Almost like the warnings on cigarettes in Europe which doesn't stop a single smoker imho.
It should shock since the facts presented made it appear like it is equal or even worse than global warming to mankind, but since plastic is everywhere there seems to be no realistic option to ban it, so accepting "some harm" is ok. At least my non-reaction appears to me that way.

Flammen & Citronen
Similar to Black Book it just did not really work for me. The characters were interesting but the plot tangled itself with a love story, a broken marriage, distrust, duty, guilt whatever.
Maybe another 30 minutes would have helped, but it felt like it lacked some detail all over.

The end was a little underwhelming after the silent movie part, which is just brilliant.
Always a little odd when the end is not the best part of a movie.

Kate & Leopold
I like simple comedies especially when time travel and exploring the other ages is involved.
Could have been better, but nice.

Made of Honor
again, i like simple comedies.

The International
The involvement of money in war, dictatorships, international prosecution and such would have been an awesome foundation for a great film, but it felt like it did not really want to comment on that but rather be a conventional thriller just using the new Russians/ Mullahs/ Terrorists, the Bankers.

The Third Man
Interesting to see the Vienna of post-WW2.
Great zither music. Experimenting with unconventional music should be done more often.
The tilted shots seem to be still outstanding since i noticed them. A little artsy in that way should also be done more often.
The actual story and portrait of Austria was imo shallow.
"switzerland ... cuckoo clock" made me laugh. No idea how such a nonsense could get into a final version of a movie.
The final nonsense was the laughable opportunistic unhandiness of the main character showing in: I betray him, i betray him not, i betray him, i even kill him. Whatever is currently on my mind.

Man on Wire
Interesting to watch people doing something not really legal but don't hurt anyone by doing it.
At least not on purpose. I guess killing someone unfortunately stomped in the ground by the man on wire falling on him would have been possible.
I don't know where the beauty lies in any megalomania, which the participants all saw in their act. I admire the art of tight rope walking like shown in the preceding trainings. No need to risk anyones life for the pretty much same stunt, just high up in the air.

Klass (2007)
Impressive, very impressive, but i couldn't help the feeling it was cliched too often, even simplified the matter with pressing it in a single week timeframe.

Reminded me of soap opera or of stage plays.
I liked the intention but i was kind of bored with the amount of talking while saying not really much. Especially the small portion of intellectual, philosophical talk was rather poor.
The Last Supper which gives a more precise motivation or Funny games which encourages the viewer to question his desire for violence, the art of violence are imo far better variants of similar plots.

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