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Thumbs up Re: So, who is going to go Star Wars: The Old Republic?

I've also been playing and my initial doubts are pretty much blown away. I now have a Jedi Consular at lvl 12 and a Bounty Hunter at lvl 4. Contrary to other MMO characters I controlled in the course of my gaming life, I got quite attached to my little Twi'lek Jedi. The fully voiced dialoges and cutscenes do wonders for immersion into the game world. When I got the lightsaber it felt pretty special. What also helps is the sountrack, that just kicks in when you fight a tough enemy or get to an important part of a quest.

The quests are very similar to ones of e.g. Knights of the Old Republic (no surprise there ) in terms of variety and stuff to do. Unlike WoW quests that generally follow the "kill x amount of z" or "collect x amount of z"-template, TOR allows to solve quests differently. Some people can be persuaded, some threatened, some bribed. It's not necessary to kill everyone.

All in all it feels much more like a singleplayer rpg than an MMO. You can do a lot without being bothered by other players but if you feel like grouping up you can flag yourself as looking for group and usually find one pretty quickly. Also, I enjoy throwing rocks at people.
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