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Re: Go Vacation Tips Achievements FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

Oops. I think I read your question incorrectly. I'll list the ones I can remember.

1. Go through the hole in the suspension bridge in the "oroboros road area".

2. Behind the waterfall.

3. Go up a narrow road to the side of the waterfall and jump across several rocks to get to the treasure chest.

4. Secret path in Shanghar Castle. The path is just before the area leading to the jumps in the lake. (sorry hard to explain)

5. The tower in the ruins. It should be in the northern part of the ruins. you have to jump over a small rock wall.

6. Go to the summit of the mountain. Walk around to the side of the lake area to find a small path with people walking. Walk all the way to the top to find the treasure chest.

7. In Trumela Lake. Jump into the water starting from the castle. Go west and you should see the treasure chest on an island.
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