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Re: please rate this op-ed piece: “Cinematic” is not a good thing for games...

Originally Posted by RandomRob View Post
“Cinematic” is not a good thing for games
Cinematic is good when it makes sense, just works, but there is room for a more game-ish cinematic.

Being a watershed of CGI did not make people LIKE the film. It was the story. It had heart.
Fuck heart.
It's not always necessary to have a good story, sometimes the tools are the fun part of the movie.
Ong Bak or your mentioned Sucker Punch (although the latter has certainly more depth to it than one might expect on a quick glimpse) are just about the hyperstilistic action. Like John Woo movies or almost every Karate hero gets beaten down afterwards revenge movie.
Those have nothing i call heart they are just plain fun to watch. Enough for a good movie, maybe in some future even for an excellent one.

And i'm not really sure that people did not like it just because it looked awesome. I haven't seen it so far, but all i heard was 3D was great, never was the story or heart a big topic, rather a pretty average forgettable story.
Like the criticized slush games?

Do gamers want “cinematic experiences” in games? I don’t think they do.
That’s the “freedom” gamers want. They want to be entertained, with the illusion of freedom.
“Cinematic gameplay” hype isn’t about what gamers want, it‘s about what businesses want.
There are certainly a ton of gamers who want to tell their own story, i guess Skyrim is the best current example, but others want no freedom at all and just shoot their way through predefined paths like in BF3, MW3 or DNF. Experience a game in a linear, previously pretty monotone, today rather cinematic way. Nothing wrong with that.
Or something in between...

turning that uninteractive passivity into forgettable videogame slush.
Cinematic gameplay is a move AWAY from game design.
cinematic might have meant in the 90s non interactive and i already said that there is (vast) room for improvement, but cinematic usually does NOT prevent interactivity within a then certainly tighter "All the parts of that control system have been planned out in advance, physics implemented, etc. Nothing is left to chance."

so why are games supposed to be like film?

Because it makes everything simpler to digest on the supply chain.
I'd say because gamers want them.
They want slush fast food as you might call it.

Gaming needs to get back to gaming. Film needs to get back to film.
agree, but hardly with the same underlying thoughts i guess.
A film does not necessarily have to have a good story to entertain and games neither, although the game core has to at least wok to some extend while in a passive role the consumer might swallow more.

You want films to have great stories and argue that they can't be good, loved when there is only style and no story, no heart and on the other hand you think games must be game-ish games and cinematic, which is usually story, hinders the success of being games?
That makes imo no sense at all. One important thing in one media is the Antichrist in the other?

Films, Books and Games can be good with just style, or just a good story, or just heart, or just art, at best all combined. But i can't determine in which media one or the other is more important.

Just as an example: The Hitchhiker's Galaxy Guide books are imo not at all good in their story, but the 5 year olds tale is super funny. Sucker Punch might not have equally success with forcing those fantasies into a satirical comment on how women are treated in movies, but there are certainly greater fails in 5 year olds storytelling.

Are The Cell, 300, The usual suspects, Karate Tiger 3, Matrix, L'année dernière à Marienbad film-ish films?
What is a game-ish game: Super Meat Boy, New Super Mario Bros or Super Mario Galaxy 1, Portal, Supreme Commander, World in Conflict?

Nah, i can't see the point why games would become better when they would be just games. Only game-ish games would be boring as hell.
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