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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

I left Anor Londo. I know I'm not prepared for that boss fight.

Explored a little bit of the Catacombs and found a lot of useful items there. I then decided to go to the Great Hollow and managed to enter the Dragon covenant in Ash Lake. It's a bit annoying to realize that the place is a dead end, forcing you to go back. Got the Dragon Sword but I'm still far from the strength required to use it. I'm at soul level 53 at the moment.

I think I'll finally try to finish New Londo Ruins before heading to Anor Londo.

I also met the cat NPC, joined the covenant and got the ring. I was then summoned but some guy with magic destroyed me in 1 hit. What are we supposed to do in there with the ring?

Those giant cats in Darkoot are extremely hard to beat because of the terrible framerate. I think it's even worse than in Blightown.
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