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Best tips for hero mode - It doesn't matter how lazy you are.

You HAVE to train a lot early in the game because when u get to the omega shenron fight everyone will own you. I learnt this the hard way... The best way is through the world martial arts tournament. The latest you want to start training is after you fight android 17 and 18.. it is really important to get your stats up I CAN NOT stress this enough. I wasted about 3 hours on hero mode and now I am stuck lol.

Hero tip - You can do training on a different hero character to unlock the skills and just place them on your main and vice-versa

Pro tip - Do the tutorial all the way to the end if you wanna be really skilled

Hero tip - Before you face Great ape Baby u want to have an average of D grade stats AT THE VERY LEAST, Baby isn't hard but the game gets WAY harder after u beat him, and if you don't have good enough stats you won't even be able to train them because u have to win to get the AP's.

Hope I helped Ya'll
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