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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by frogofdeath View Post
That bad? I had been reading good things and thought about giving it a go. Would like to hear more of your thoughts.
I got to the boss of stage 4 and simply hadnt stocked up on enough marines, just couldnt beat him.. didnt feel like restarting the game and putting another 5-6 hours in to get back where I was. There's only one save file, so if you're low on marines, don't save on level 4! (only 1 collectible marine I could find on that level!)

good points: art and sound design are well implemented.

problems with the game, imo:

1) the size of the DS control pad doesnt lend itself to arcade fight grinding (at least not with big hands like mine ) and you need to do endless dodgeroll/turn/fire moves in this game to avoid being hit.

2) searching air ducts is a nuisance, but its the only way to find extra marines, and marines = lives. Tip: use flares to mark places youve been, otherwise it gets tedious. About 1/4 of the air ducts you have to search have nothing in them.

3) The boss fights are not really fun. Most of the bosses outrun your character, and then jump up and down on your head- so again you have to dodgeroll/turn/grenade, and dont miss with the grenade because you need every one to count, and you're probably going to go through at least 2 marines on each boss battle, if you're good.

4) you can only hold one weapon at a time, and can only swap them in a save room... so if you find a weapon powerup and dont want to apply it to your current selected weapon, youre going to have to go back to a save room and then come back for it. And leveling up each weapon once or twice isnt going to help you win, you'll want one weapon to be +3, +4, etc to take down the bigger bosses.

5) all the grinding wouldnt bother me so much but theres really not much in the way of overarching mission narrative to take your mind off of it. So, not having much fun at the 6 hour mark, I had no desire to invest any more time in it.

***biggest waste of potential***

not having local wireless multiplayer, ala Xenophobe. THAT would've been terrific.

all in all, its well done for what it is, but I wouldnt recommend paying more than 12-15 bucks for it. I think it wouldve been a much better downloadable game.

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