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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Finished Quantum of Solace directly followed by Blood Stone.
Nice locations, terrible stories, ok gameplay with emphasis on occasional stealth, shallow villains. I did never really like the comic villains of pre Brosnan era, but at least those were striking.
QoS had controls reminding me of Kane&Lynch 2. It never felt intuitive to use cover. The story of both movies that was covered is confusing bollocks so far so the game can't be better. Mission design lacked the openness Goldeneye 64 allowed in its actually quite narrow levels. Good thing for the engine was that despite CoD has this triggered enemy spawn endings here there were a fix number of enemies.
BS had racing elements and this was the major flaw for me. Way too much passenger feeling with little influence on the action. Here and there explodes something and the initial boat race was fun but then every new race appeared like too much on rails. Instead of letting me have a chase in a city with traffic i drove almost undisturbed and so it did not match the interactivity of the shooting.
That part was sort of similar to Uncharted and worked actually quite smooth. The villains were introduced almost moments before Craig kills them to get a name. (is Bond now a sociopath hitman? WTF!)
I think BS is the better bond experience, especially the Bond song plus great intro, but overall i'd say QoS was the better game with less weird edges for me.
Nevertheless both are nothing someone has to have played, so it does not matter much.
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