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Re: Nintendogs + Cats Golden Retriever New Friends Tips Help Tricks Hints Strategy Gu

Hey Rea It's me John
I understand that question was to Kelly but I have 28000 trainer points and my secret to get a lot of points is teaching your dog tricks! What I mean by that is improving their tricks. For every time you improve a trick you get around 15 trainer points and 15 doggie points for the dog. Do a few tricks without giving a treat then give the dog a treat when the treat sign starts blinking. Red. A secret for competitions is practicing. If you practice enough everyday your dog will be perfect. Be careful not to compete without practicing or you won't get as much money and trainer points. I don't think the breed matters just the personality. If the dog likes playing with its toys it might be a little hard to train but if its intelligent it will be good but won't be as social to other dogs. The more dogs you have the more points you can get in one day (2 dogs-400 points). My dog is a Husky named Choclate (14000 points) and I have two cats and a robodog named R.O.B. (I dont use R.O.B. he's been in the hotel since I got him, don't worry though I've only had him for like 3 days or something)
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