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Re: Last movie impressions

Nothing Personal
Liked it, although it not tell much of a story, it did not explain much details of the main characters, only some very basic informations, and so sometimes it felt like getting the full meaning of the sparse dialogs was impossible, as if they were making insider jokes.
There might have happened something to her before she left her home or she might have been just fed up with society without a single reason. Whatever. In the end i guess it was about silence and chosen loneliness, about an inside happiness.

Auf der anderen Seite (The Edge of Heaven/ On the Other Side)
Fatih Akin once again crafted a powerful, deeply emotional movie about Turks in Germany and Germans in Turkey. It had a more calm tone than the rollercoaster ride Gegen die Wand (Head-On), but ends also as irritating, open, hopeful while sort of depressing but overall informative on the cultures and on interesting individuals.

Adam's Rib
The relationship scenes were enjoyable but the idiotic court happenings ruined the movie for me.
We would let a man shoot his wife so a wife should also be allowed to was the defense lawyers argument. The most stupid thing for equality rights i've ever heard. And i have doubts it was less idiotic at the time the movie was made.

Marley & Me
It was kitschy and was not afraid of being. Good.
Liked the movie although i don't like dogs much.
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