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Cool Re: NBA Live 08 Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints Cheat Codes and Strategy

As i mentioned earlier the game is not changed a lot, so basically many of the old strategies still work. Easiest way to get easy points is to steal the ball from the other team. There are two main strategies dedicated to doing that.
The first one is the following. You have scored a basket, made an offensive foul or turned over the ball. So the other team has a inboud play. And this is a very important part of building quickly a high score. To execute this strategy you need to have very athletic point guard. Most of the way before the inboud play is started you are automatically switched to your point guard. He needs to have good speed and quickness rating for example something around 80 for both ratings. Try to move your close to the back of the player of the other team that is supposed to receive the inbound pass. As soon as the passer seems to move press Sprint left(or right depends on your PG position) plus forward(or back depends on your PG position) and in that moment press the opposite comand. I dont know if this is very clear how it happens but i will tell you an example. So you are close behind the player that i supposed to receive the inbound pass. The player behind the line throws the ball and you press forwad plus left that way you move in front of the player in and the ball hits your body (your PG i mean) and it goes the other way so thats why you have to press the other position so your player catches the ball. It is quite simple. You have to try it. Expirement with it and you will get very familiar with it very quickly. I have managed to get 27 steal with jordan farmar. A player with better awarenesses is more suitable for doing that also.
The other strategy is also very simple. It is executed in your paint area the most. You can have it executed anywhere on the floor. The idea here is to get everyone of your team moving. That way a pass may hit anyone of your team in his body, interupt the pass and run a qucik attack. To get that done play more double team. Quick plays on defense speed the game up and confuse the PC/player is it possible to make many mistakes. Low passes are mostly stolen playing up tempo D.
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