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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
Did you have to join that guy's Covenant for him to help you? Anyway, I killed it in the end.
No, just talk to that sun-worshipping dude near the bridge with the dragon (can't miss it) and say yes to everything he says. As a result you can summon a NPC for some of the bossfights while being human, but not all of them. So far I could see the summon symbol at the bell gargoyle and the gaping dragon. Yes, I've been down there and challenged that beast. Needless to say it stomped me into the ground. Now I'm back on the surface to restock arrows and hopefully cut/shoot/cast that thing to pieces next time.

Also, I ran into an invading NPC I think, it had a too 'normal' name to be another player I don't know if that's a direct result of me summoning NPCs or if that's standard.

Boss update:
Capra Demon (3 deaths) - so far the trickiest one since the arena to fight him is very small, he is quite fast, has good reach and hits like a truck.

In progress:
Gaping Dragon (2 deaths so far, ran out of arrows and I think for that guy ranged combat is a good idea)

A Giant Rat and 2 Butchers, died once at one of the Butchers and still don't know how I survived the giant rat
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