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Re: The problem with 3D is Me

Originally Posted by Chi Kong Lui View Post
I think most developers should abandon the 3D effect by default and turn it on only for small occasions...
Sounds like a good idea after having had my first underwhelming hands on with a 3DS.

The 3D is 3D, surprise surprise, but i would not want to play for more than 5 minutes with that device.
Graphical quality seems outdated and the display resolution just sucks, especially since i got accustomed to WVGA in the past days on my smartphone. It terribly lacks the same clarity ALL current phones offer.
That would be sort of acceptable, i guess, but i had problems holding the 3D, especially the fast cut trailers were confusing and i often lost every depth and focus. I felt like i cross-eyed some times or whatever and it also was hard to look at the screen as a whole. It appeared to me as though i could look at a single thing on screen while everything else had to sort of vanish. Tunnel vision ftw. Seems like a terrible way of playing when i only can see my own car, or only Mario and the level and the Gumbas sort of disappear.
It were just trailers and those offer a more concentrated confusion, but i will not harm my ability to see when it appears rather stressing and not at all adding fun to the experience.
Even if i had no problems 3D on such a small screen seems also not that great of an idea. I was more impressed with the effect on my PC with the color glasses. The color sucks of course and it's unacceptable to play that way, but it offers a proper resolution and a proper screen size. The actual nvidia-glasses (and maybe also the PS3-glasses) might be much better than glassless on that mini screen.

The slider pad was the only positive thing, though i am not sure if the double real thing on the vita is at the end not much much better.

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