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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
Far Cry 2! At last....

The ending was a little weird, and the second half of the game dragged a little, but very happy with it overall. The moral aspect was excellently done, and the game had a lot to say for itself.

There were a lot of beautiful touches (the opening taxi ride, the modes of transport, the game world, the voice acting), and while the game didn't quite match its ambition, it got close.
There was a moral aspect to the game? All I can remember is having to accept missions from one bastard or another bastard, whilst getting shot at by both bastards' men.

Glad you enjoyed it though, really wish I did. Loved the "your target is out there somewhere. Fuck off and find him, already"-style message you get at the start of the game.
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