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Re: Nintendogs + Cats Golden Retriever New Friends Tips Help Tricks Hints Strategy Gu

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This is Kelly!

Is anyone thinking of joining
kelly i looked into it. a little to "involved " (too much to it ) for me i'm really enjoying my nintendogs. finally got a husky. although i wish that the game allowed for all the different personalities to come across in all the dogs. but golden or labs can't remember which just say lvoed by all.. and huskies have a few different one. but my boxer i had to view a ton but finally got one that said is very very bright or something like that.. why i can't have a husky that's "bright" who knows. in real life. my husky was brilliant. still have my min pin.. wish i could have a a doberman pinscher puppy though. (yes because i really have a doberman lol) but at least i have some sort of pinscher in the game lol.

have you figured out what having friends in nintendogs does for someone ? i haven't. Also i'm so annoyed that i never encounted any one while out and about carrying my "dogs" on pedometer. for a spot pass or whatever it is . i update my "message" and gift every day just incase lol..
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