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Re: Supreme Ruler 2020 Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints, Cheat Codes and Strategy

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You're probably from the same third world, f***ed country as some of those ba**ards who flew planes into the trade towers. If it wasn't for the USA, the world would be in deep s**t. However, I do agree they need to stop being the world's police and mind their own business (at times). But still, long live the USA.
By the way bro, we Arabs/Muslims didn't fly planes into your trade towers, and your a Kid for blaming us all. We have shit in our countries because Zionistic-Controlled countries like yours want us to appear and be weak to the world, so that everyone can kill and crush and bail without a problem.

Fucking kid, don't talk when you don't know how the fuck your country was created bro, if it wasn't for USA, Israel would not exist. If Israel didn't exist, Arab countries would be the ruling capitals of the world.

People of USA are cool, I respect each and every one of you, even dumb ass fuckers like yourself, but the government needs to change, and Israel needs to get Nuked.

And Russia DOES rape in the game, best country in the game so far .
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