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Re: What are you playing right now?

@JLB1987: I think you mean Deus Ex not Due Sex

I'm playing Space Marine and it's bloody hilarious. The bloody is hereby literal, can't remember when I played a game with so much exploding bodies outside of a zombie shooting gallery. It's also good for people who easily forget what game they are playing, since every 15 seconds some ork runs along, yelling "Space Marine!" and charging right at you. As I wrote in my first impressions about the demo, it is a game that succeeds in making you feel powerful. Normal humans fall on their knees as they see you and it says something about the imperium of man's confidence in space marines that they send a group of 3 to pretty much stop a planetary invasion. I don't really get the criticism about it being repetitive. It's less repetitive than most ironsight simulation games due to the inclusion of melee as fundamental gameplay element. I'm about 4 hours into the singleplayer and so far it has been pretty good. The running, gunning, slashing and executing works really well and switching between ranged and melee combat is seamless. The story isn't exactly deep but quite nice delivered.

The multiplayer is also quite fun, played about 4 hours of that as well. It's class based with your regular tactical marines, devestators who sacrifice mobility and melee damage for ranged firepower and assault marines who sacrifice armor and ranged firepower for mobility and melee damage. The opposing chaos marines have mirror images of all classes and weapons but call them differently. There are some issues with the multiplayer however: first of all no dedicated servers, which on the pc is a cardinal sin for a multiplayer shooter. This results in some nasty lag spikes and I had already some games disconnecting because the host had some issues. In standard game it's not possible to choose which side you want to play, which can be an issue if you want to unlock certain armor types and abilities. It could also help if there would be a couple more game types. Currently there are only team deathmatch and domination modes. What is there is pretty solid, but it feels like a bit of wasted potential with no inclusion of orks or imperial guards in multiplayer. I'd have loved to see some asymmetric multiplayer modes.

Overall a fun little game. If you're interested definitely check out the demo. If you like what you see there you'll surely like the full game.
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