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Re: Why PC gaming is great!

I like Jim, even though I don't agree with absolutely everything he says, but he's lost his way with The Jimquisition lately, it's not as good as it was.

Regarding the video, surely the main reason that these indie hits are so popular on the PC (these tend to be the ones with lesser graphics, and so aren't as demanding on your system), is because most people *don't* have super-powerful gaming rigs? I've got a pretty good laptop. It won't run The Witcher 2 or anything, but there are plenty of games which it will run (such as Recetear, Hoard, Minecraft, plenty of non-indie games that are a couple of years old but great all the same), and I love it. Many of these games *wouldn't* make it onto the Xbox 360 or PS3, either.

I agree with his statement that graphics aren't everything, but that should be obvious anyway.
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