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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by frogofdeath View Post
Well I gave up on the difficulty levels around the middle of the game, so I was just playing casual mode. If I would have kept it on Normal, or even attempted Hard, can't say I would have ever finished. The final mission did take a different strategy than I used the rest of the game. I was more of a barge-head-on-into-the-fight type of player and using the tank I tried the same method. No dice. Had to take it a little slower during the trek to the top. Once I got far enough up the mountain, then it was run like hell until I arrived at the general. After that, with the right weaponry, it was no problem. Not sure how that would translate to hard mode, but good luck! How long have you been trying to complete the mission?
Thanks I got to the final mission probably about six months ago, tried it about thirty times, and then sort of gave up. I'll still try and tackle it occasionally because it's a game I love and would love to say I've completed, but it's just insane on hard mode. Shame, as I'd love to just be able to get back to the side-missions (which I've heard all unlock again once you finish the last mission).
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