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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
I wrote some things already in the respective thread. Now that I finished it after 29 hours of playtime (according to steam) I still think it's a great game. The only real criticism I can offer is that the AI bugged out a couple of times and that the graphics are not top of the line. However, the art direction is very good and saves the game in terms of visuals. I just looked at my steam achievements and noticed that I completely missed at least one side-mission. Also I made some choices that might not have been the brightest ideas. Still I never felt the game "punishes" me for my playstyle and choices, as I switched back and forth between stealth, melee and gunplay. I also like the 'social' boss battles and how a failure in them doesn't necessarily mean game over and there is always an air duct to find or a computer to hack to salvage the situation.

I put DXHR up on the shelf next to Vampire: Bloodlines. This is some of the highest praise I can give, since Bloodlines is one of my favourite games of all time.

tiny spoilers ahoi

In some respects DXHR reminded me on Alpha Protcol. The major difference is of course: AP was a game with great ideas but terrible execution. DXHR is a game with great ideas and very good execution. AP also had one of the most obnoxious boss battles in recent history. Compared to that DXHRs bosses are not much of a deal, the main criticism is the elimination of all other ways to beat an obstacle except violence. That is kind of a big deal in a game around choice. However, bosses 2 and 3 were quite easy to beat, it was just the first one who felt a bit like a brick wall but only because I failed to realize the amount of explosives scattered across the room, which I could have used to my advantage. With the typhoon-augmentation equipped the first two bosses are not much of a problem, the 3rd might still be. But I figured out how to beat the 3rd boss quite easily after dying only twice.

Also, the laser rifle is ridiculous, allowing pinpoint precision without even leaving cover.

I think I'll play again on Deus Ex-difficulty.
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