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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Demons Souls
- levels with diverse atmospheres and dangers design
- especially the batman feeling in 3-1 (until the point when one of the wardens insta-killed me for the first time)
- saving anywhere, anytime

- levels are all to empty, lifeless, hopeless-> the good ending makes hardly sense with that preconditions
- the shallow actually hardly existing storytelling
- the framerate is a joke at the spawnpoint when instantly running forth, on many magic actions, when fighting in 4-3 and completely shitty on the second part of 5-2.
- the detached levels because of the Nexus mechanic
Where the fuck is Boletaria?
- the intro shows a hero fighting surrounded by enemies. that's hardly possible in the game. Being surrounded is almost certainly a death penalty.
- long loading times when lizard farming/ trading with Sparkly the Crow, moving Tendency to pure black...
- AI getting stuck in the level (gargoyles, maneater: both were alive but i have not seen them again...)
- static enemy placement ->
- the whole game is based on learning everything by heart and via rigidly time consuming, punishing trial&error
- completely unexplained not even hinted in any way tendencies mechanics
- imbalanced classes/origins (eg. going for archer makes it sometimes very very easy) and that make all classes, the role playing aspect kind of worthless. play in opportunistic style and choose whatever class is easier. I hate when rpgs don't work as good as eg. TF with its strict, important classes
- imbalanced bosses (instead of increasing the difficulty in the course of the game it decreases)
- Dragon God has a great design but a wild dragon allowed some dudes to install two big crossbows which can hit him hard? WTF!
- (tendency) side characters could have been interesting, but were not (Ostrava was the only really good one)
- inconvenient menue system
a) no real pause (for opening the door, answer phone, whatever)
b) equipping only two items per arm is stupid for a trial&error game. Finding the best weapon (and shield) for each enemy is crucial to avoid endless fights or getting instakilled.
c) equipping the different rings depending on occasion is odd
radial popup selection menus anyone?
- no selectable difficulties
the mechanic was there, in the tendencies, but just going for an ultra fair game (which game is really unfair?) and forget about all the people who either really can't play on its level with success or just don't want to keep full attention all the time and then don't want to repeat the whole level is ignorant. removing one of the most important things games can offer, beside interactivity, accessibility on each players level, is a fallback to 80s design
- the game gets easier in NG+ and so on. Not because my skill gets really better, but the level upgrades sooner or later make me more powerful than the difficulty increase can outbalance
- heavy grinding necessary especially for Pure Bladestone
- lock on system
not really compatible with some enemy movements and or level designs
sometimes it does not react at all, although the enemy is actually in sight or locks on an enemy that is not at all the nearest one
- precise aiming with a bow is painful... even the controls of Killzone2 are hundred times better
- repetitive dialogs
- no real dialog system
- i did not like the whole community spoiler system.
if a game can't be played without tips it's imo partly broken
- invading mechanic can't be deactivated
red eyestones are for pvp? so why am i forced to participate in this? Why do i have to go offline to play it as i want to?
- unplayable with sunlight outside (even with brightest settings)
- the start condition of my hero where he hardly can swing a sword without falling into delirium cause he is so exhausted- imho just awkward when i'm supposed to be the dude who frees Boletaria from the fog.

a ton of minuses on my list, but since i love atmospheric games and it was fun enough to go for Platin, which takes 3 1/2 playthroughs, it must have done things right, so i'd rate it slightly above average.

For those who also think his armor looks cool, it'll protect me, i'll take the Temple Knight. Get rid of the armor asap. Not being able to roll will kill you more often than the slight increase in armor protection.
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