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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
However, I also picked up Far Cry 2 for cheap, and haven't been able to tear myself away from it. What a world! It's fantastic, and the scene is beautifully set by the opening cab ride. The missions are ok, but livened up by the appearance of buddies. One of these, a Charlie Sheen-type character, has just gone and died on me, god dammit. I miss his madcap plans already. The enemy AI is excellent most of the time, with soldiers flanking you from both sides. There are some terrible design decisions also - not being able to drive around the world without bumping into enemy checkpoints being the main one.

But a wonderful game. If the developers can put in the same strong performance for the next one and iron out some of the small flaws, then I am sold already.
I really wish I enjoyed the game past the initial two-or-so hours of it stunning me. There were still things that I enjoyed about the game after this (the buddy system seemed to work well, really liked starting fires, the actual FPS mechanics are solid enough), but overall, I just had a miserable experience with the game. I couldn't understand why they had this wonderfully diverse, beautiful open world, but make no effort with diversity in gameplay (apart from that one small town, EVERYBODY wants to kill you, no questions asked). I ended up selling it. Prefer the original Far Cry greatly, but I have high hopes for the third game.
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