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Re: What are you playing right now?

Playing Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii - or would that be obvious?). Completed the first world, Jungle, and enjoy the levels I've played so far. The end boss is a little uninteresting, but not without a minor challenge. So far, a solid platformer.

Also playing Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions (360). This game is a tossup. Some parts are really enjoyable, while others are frustrating, and I'm only through the first level. Really want to enjoy this game, but not finding the strategy behind playing. Seems more like a beat-em-up, though I don't think it is supposed to be designed that way. Also, the camera needs a little tweaking. For now, I'll stick with it through for at least a couple more levels.

Also, this means that I have put Red Faction: Guerrilla (360) on the shelf for the time being. However, my impressions of the game have changed for the better. The final third of the game reminds me of why I enjoyed the game in the first place. The middle third just needs to brought up to the quality of the beginning and the end of the game. However, I will be eventually completing the game, which was not looking possible just a couple weeks ago.
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