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Re: Last movie impressions

It did not sufficiently deliver to me the era, what Nixons presidency meant to the people. Instead of showing his years in more detail it focused too much on the work of Frost or more the work of his team and explained the errors in some short lines.
Why did Nixon finally confess errors? Because he thought he told Frost something essential on the phone which he had no recollection of his own at the beginning of the last interview day? Or was he just tired of acting like he has done everything correctly?
What did Frost actually do other than organize this interview? 11:0 was the score? Tricky Dick Nixon vs normal citizen Nixon?!? Frost appeared more like a financially involved but always smiling unimportant side figure.

Nice tolerance comedy about an afro-german teenager who falls in love with a girl whose brothers are sort of neonazis.

Unter dem Eis (under the ice)
A mother trying to protect her sons unconcerned childhood, her mans career, in the end their family life by hiding the truth: that her underaged son has accidentally killed his playmate.
Good what-if movie.

Lions for Lambs
Press came not good away, but imo it failed completely in the last years so imo not unfair.
The now we are in so we can't step away reason for continuing war seemed also to be fairly carried over.
Questions about the time before and after the predicted win sort of unanswered/ unimportant. Felt fairly realistic.
Commitment of people to usually fully egoistic lifes. Also realistic.
Loved it.

Flying Scotchman
It was ambitious but not really able to portray his depression. As a child he gets bullied, than he appears lone wolf style, but at the first scene were he sits ruminative and explains that he was thinking about a design problem he gets asked if he is depressed. What? Only later on he often appears like he can't enjoy even the brightest moments of his success.

The Pink Panther 2
Loved the political incorrectness stuff, the rest was ok.

In Bruges
I''m not sure what to make of the violence loving Chloe role but everything else was brilliant.

Could have been better but interesting idea in the line of Children of Men, Das Experiment, 28 days later, I am Legend stuff. Love dystopias and or comments on society and humanity.

Enjoyable light hearted music movie.
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