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Okay, so the game now has this big sandpit in the middle of the throwing range in Pro disc contest.

What the heck am I supposed to do? I can't throw the disc at an angle, cause my pooch'll miss it. If I throw it through the pit, the sand slows my dog down, thus costing him a catch.

Am I supposed to train at the seaside beach park till he gets faster in the sand?
Ugh, this game really knows how to make it tough for those trying to train an all-star champion.
if you want to make your dog faster though the sand pits, train every day and he/she will be winning in no time. in 3 days my dog coco (shiba inu) won the nintendogs cup and ever since then we win every day. we have mostly got $3000... if you get 1st place in nintendogs cup twice in the disc, lure, and obedience trial competitions. keep training, and good luck!!!

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