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Re: Last movie impressions

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
(plus Emma Watson is hot).
I'm more inclined to say that Emma Watson is actually more of a natural beauty, which I personally think is slightly different than hot. But overall, I concur with your statement.

Back to the main thread topic:
Just Go With It
A movie based on a screenplay, based on a short story, based on a play, which was based on a French play. Or something like that. I kid you not, the credits had a succession of three (maybe four?) "based on" credits.

As for the movie, there were some good laughs. Adam Sandler was nothing special, but Nick Swardson delivers a good comedic role (though not as hilarious as his Terry character from Reno 911). Another plus was seeing Jennifer Aniston in a bikini, which I found even nicer than seeing Brooklyn Decker in her bikini.

However, the entire movie was beyond logical, even for a Happy Madison production. The whole premise of pretending to be married is one thing, but when the ruse goes south and the girl you are trying attract finds out you have (fake) kids, how do you solve this problem? Oh yes, you take everyone to Hawaii. Then plan an elaborate story with the kids "dying" by sailing of a cliff in a car on the way to boarding school.
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