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Re: Last movie impressions

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, next Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince followed by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, which all in all got compressed into one week which makes it fairly difficult for me to distinguish any of the movies. The story progressed fairly predictable. At least I didn't feel wow-ed by any of the twists and turns along the way. By the end I felt like I can see the future, since I had a strong sense of what's coming next and was right most of the time. The movies (and the books I assume) went from childrens tales to action flicks for young adults. I can see where the mass appeal comes from (plus Emma Watson is hot). But I can safely say that HP didn't change my life.

The Last Airbender
That was the worst movie I saw since Alone in the Dark, which I consider the worst movie I ever watched. Even Uwe Bolls Dungeon Siege movie has more artistic merit than this piece of rubbish. The Last Airbender fails at almost every level. The story feels disjointed and until the end I wasn't sure what was the point of all the bending. It felt like they took parts of a long-running B-level tv series and glued them together without trying to make the movie a coherent whole. The acting was horrible with some really odd casting choices and career-worst performances. Some of the effects were nice, but if that's the best thing to say about a movie that cost 280 million dollar (according to wikipedia) then something went wrong. M. Night Shyamalan managed to make a movie that's worse than the Village and even the Sign on every conceivable level. I'm now convinced that Sixth Sense was a good movie despite M. Night Shyamalan and not because of him. I want this 1 hour 40 minutes of my life back. I can't understand how nobody working on the movie would step up at some point of the whole production process and say: wait a minute, that's all rubbish!
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