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Re: Last movie impressions

Requiem for a Dream
I like the artsy movies Pi & The Fountain and the more grounded The Wrestler. Here i started to laugh at the final scenes which were supposed to be shocking.
The final fail was when a doctor sends the addict with an awfully bad arm into jail (for what reason actually? being addicted is a crime in the States?) from where he is sent back to a hospital to get his arm amputated. Seriously?

Total Recall
Still good although some of the future elements were overtaken by reality.

9 rota
Interesting to see the enemies of Rambo 3 from a Russian view. It had actually no political comment like the TV-guide criticized. It just showed the usual drill that we are the good guys and they are evil- like in almost every war movie ever made. At least it did show the individuals of the company also having edges in private at their recruitment and throughout the story. No clear black white like eg Platoon.
The characters could have been developed with more depth, some scenes were way way way too pathetic and some too schematic, but overall good movie.

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
I liked the beginning, but the actual house building/buying process was too short, the problems too little, many details missing.
Appeared to me like the author wrote a script about something he had only vaguely heard about.
Compared to Hinterholz 8 this movie is utterly boring. In both comedy and drama.
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