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Re: What are you playing right now?

I resumed my pretty old savegame of Stalker.
Actually very enjoyable game but it's one of those games i seem to loose interest in a short time for no reason.
But i think this time i'm going to finish it since its also hard difficulty is a breath of fresh air in comparison to Demons Souls. God bless F6/F7-gaming.

Although i don't like it much i most probably will finish Demons Souls. Done approx. half of the big demons so far. I have some problems as described above and some others, but basically its main error is its unnecessarily frustrating rigid game design/difficulty. The fans might say it's ideal and part of the game and what makes it different from other games, and i acknowledge that it might be perfectly well to many gamers but it's the worst case of elitist gaming i ever experienced.
This level of difficulty is nothing particularly genuine, it's not even the hardest game i played but all other games that offer that hardness either make it an optional task or build slowly up to that level.
I think Super Meat Boy is considered a hard game, but its first levels are easy so before getting confronted with hard stuff it gives opportunities for success. Challenge and reward is building steadily up. Perfect. Or games offer also easy difficulties. Let the player choose the difficulty he feels challenged enough. DS just offers hard (and later, in NG+, i guess even harder). You are either elite or you are simply not invited. That's a relapse into the 80s/ early 90s. Hardwired difficulty.
Even driving simulations on PC offer various difficulty levels and driving assistance levels because they know not everyone is ultra hardcore and wants to have a realistic drive for a race that goes for 30 minutes or more.
DS is as bad as PoP. There it was one too low difficulty that bored many gamers and i guess many critics that correctly stated that now worship DS and give it a 10 compared to a meh-7 of PoP?
The praise for DS also shows how undisciplined gamers are. No one's forcing you to quicksave gaming as i tend to do. If you want a game that's as hard as DS just restart the level as soon as you die, don't use quicksave and/or ignore the autosave function. Let's see if you can finish Far Cry or Men of Valor when trying to not die ever. The sense of accomplishment will be the same.

The big difference of the games compared to other forms of entertainment is that it can offer tailormade fun at least in that regard. If it wants to for hardcore, mainstream and casual at the same time. Making it easy or hard is easy. DS and PoP ignored that. Imo not even a step but a leap backward in game design.
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