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Breaking Bad: Criminal Chemistry 101

And there it is. The first three minutes of the first episode of the best drama on TV right now. This one really is a weird beast of a show.

Walter White is a high school chemistry teacher. He also works at a local car wash, because teaching doesn't pay terribly well, especially when you have a kid with cerebral palsy. Unfortunately, the medical costs are only going to get worse for Walt: he has lung cancer. Now, faced with his own mortality and the idea that his medical bills will bankrupt his family before he dies, he makes a decision: make money and make it FAST.

Enter Jesse Pinkman, a former student of Walt's and current meth cook. It is from seeing him again that Walt gets the idea in his head to use what he knows: chemistry ie cook his own meth with Jesse as an assistant. Walter White, high-school chemistry teacher and all-around pushover of a man, is going to break bad and turn into a criminal. But it's all for his family, so it's okay right?


Breaking Bad is the best show on TV right now for several reasons. The writing is fantastic, the characters are phenomenal, the comedy is pitch black and the drama sucks you right in. This show is about as dark and bleak and gory as anything ever aired on premium channels. And beautiful, can't forget beautiful. This show was made to be seen in high-def.

Simply put: This show is The Wire-good. Maybe better, depending on how it eventually ends.

For an example of the show's great writing, dark humor and violent content, watch this clip (NSFW for splatter-gore)

So far, 3 seasons have aired. The fourth begins Sunday on AMC (in America, not sure about other countries). The first is short (7 episodes), made so by the writer's strike a couple years back. Both seasons 2 and 3 are 13-episodes long, with barely any in-show time passing between them. I highly recommend starting from the beginning, as this is a show that rewards those who've seen it all in order. Season 3 in particular has a trio of episodes that are great out-of-order but when viewed with the proper context become Classic TV. But I'm not going to tell you how the latter seasons go. So far, I've only told you things from the first couple episodes. The rest deserves to be seen how it was aired.

So, that's the long and short of it for the newbies. Anyone here seen the show proper? Questions, comments, impressions?
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