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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
When chopping wood you put a new piece of wood on there after each swing I assume? Hardly the same as constant swinging for hours
Sure, but lifting piece after piece gives me sore muscles in my back while my arms don't care at the end of the day. Constantly swinging is not really that hard. At least if you know how to do it, let the ax do the work.

Basically it doesn't matter if it's realistic, but it seems to me just like an awkward system. (thus Fight Night)

I don't know. I was doing Tae Kwon Do for years and standing there ready to block doesn't feel that much different from standing there not ready to block in a combat situation.
Hey, we are talking about a game where the hero is fully exhausted after four blows with a dagger. So keeping his defense up is of course ultrahard for him, harder as for us real life heroes.

Well, every RPG under the sun is guilty of that crime.
That's were my desire for Morrowind bits comes into the discussion. Afair my running speed is there completely dependent on the overall weight.

You're pretty strict with your classes it seems.
Depends on the way a game introduces its own classes. If i start like in Gothic 1 as an undefined inmate and i decide in the course of the game what i learn, what i have to learn to survive my playstyle and what i don't learn then it's completely fine with me to create a mish-mash character who reacts to his world, but when the game lets me choose a character and i take my time to ponder what i want, how he looks, what his name is, then this choice should have an impact. If it's more or less unimportant they should not let me label him at the start.

Dude, leave that guy alone for a while, you're dealing with red eyed knights soon enough
He was beatable while other attempts on the tower knight would have frustrated me even more. Leave me that success.
I would recommend doing the first boss of each area first
That's the plan now.
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