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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
I think you might have a bit different expectations to combat than Demon's Souls is ready to deliver.
Definitely. I had hoped for a game with a Diablo core with Condemned gameplay. That's more or less in it. But now i played it: better copied Zelda lock-on, added some Fight Night balancing and maybe also a little bit of a Gothic 1 class, fighting and upgrade system. And maybe also bits from Morrowind.
I don't know how much actual sword combat you do or did.
I swing the axe 2 or 3 days a year for making firewood. Of course without wearing 50kg of armor.^^ I'm exhausted only after some hours and not after every single piece of wood. And i'm an office worker doing no sports. So a nature guy who feels the need to slay demons must be more trained than me.
A complaint I do have about the stamina system in DS is that I don't get why you can't regenerate stamina while having the shield up. I guess balancing but I find that a bit odd.
It does regenerate!? But very slowly.
And i guess realism.
Only know that from a short boxing/close combat crash course i did while doing time at Bundesheer. Keeping your fists up and always ready to take a blow is hardly refreshing.
Almost no regeneration with just holding a shield compared to almost immediate full regeneration when still having it equipped makes not much sense. (as does unequipping armor that's then still in the inventory but being able to roll then with some smoothness)
It's already safe to say i won't like the balancing of the game ever.

Well, unlike a character in leather armor you can take quite a beating in heavy armor.
By those fellows which attack with cheap swords, yes. They'd better increased difficulty there (those fights are boring) and lowered it with the huge bosses.

I find it funny how anyone could see the tower knight stomping on a character and think "some armor should protect me from that".
It should protect me at least better from some dogs.

DS allows different playstyles.
I'll see how much i can remain a Temple Knight without borrowing too much features of other classes...

I could argue Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a bad game, since it doesn't allow me to complete it without jumping and I prefer a jump-free playstyle
If you want to play it as an RPG, then agreed!
But i suggest vvvvvv then.

Yesterdays project: Ignoring the tower knight and going back to the "normal", red eyed knight.
Took 3 tries and an endless sequence of retreat and hit maneuvers. And all i got is a lousy t-shirt. The bastard ate about a ton of those grass things before finally falling and drops 3 full moon grass. Awesome.
At least this fight was manageable, now with the spear weapon.
I guess i try the other worlds before i go to the tower knight again.

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