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Re: Last movie impressions

Originally Posted by crackajack View Post
Some laughs, but most of the time boring.
Where is good old Spaceballs quality?
Dead. Gone. Cremated. Ashes scattered to the winds. Not even the Zuckers have it anymore.

Most of the current crop of parody and spoof makers have forgotten that the most important part of comedy is that you don't stop after you tell the joke. You don't point the joke out, you don't pause and go "Eh? Eh? I know, right!" and you don't have a "Time to make fun of this thing from a couple years back!" section.

A good parody joke shouldn't be obvious. It should be a reward for those paying attention. Here's how it's done properly.

Another important thing about good parodies is that they are incredibly similar in structure to that which they mock. You can't just have a bunch of random references happen and call it a parody, you have to replicate the tone and feel of what you wish to mock. Doing so calls forth a feeling of familiarity from the viewer and makes it easier to draw laughs when you turn it on its ear.

Which brings me to the other thing a parody NEEDS to be funny and not be just the visual brainchild of a bunch of addled guffawing dipshits: fondness for the source material. You're not trying to pummel the fans of the source material, you're trying to poke fun at that which they like and get them to laugh with you at all the little things.

Case in point, one of the better parodies I've seen in years: Black Dynamite

It's obvious they love the source material, but they also understand what makes the originals hokey and ridiculous.

tl;dr Hollywood has forgotten how to make good parodies.
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