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Re: What are you playing right now?

It's probably no surprise that I disagree with almost everything you say
Originally Posted by crackajack View Post
Actually would be fun to ride that beast.
I guess that's not possible?
It is. But only as part of the dragon's lunchbox.
Originally Posted by crackajack View Post
I already use a dagger(?) for the wolves and a (rather long range) spear (?) for the two guarding knights outside. Slightly better/ faster than with the original Halberd, which is already broken or whatever. But the character is still totally exhausted faster than my real me would be.
Since you already brought up Bayonetta I think you might have a bit different expectations to combat than Demon's Souls is ready to deliver. Combat in DS is relatively slow, compared to let's say God of War, where you mash the same button until everything falls over. In DS you can't mash the attack button 20 times in order to win. Every attack leaves you open for a counterattack. I don't know how much actual sword combat you do or did. I only did some Kendo and can safely say that I can't whirl a sword around with one hand for an extended period of time. I doubt it would look any better for an axe or hammer, which is not as nicely balanced. Now considering heavy armor I really doubt that I'd be able to swing significantly faster than my character in DS did. A complaint I do have about the stamina system in DS is that I don't get why you can't regenerate stamina while having the shield up. I guess balancing but I find that a bit odd.

Originally Posted by crackajack View Post
Is my demon slayer character a demon slayer or did they through a fat lazy bum into the world?
Well, I'd say your character is a rather average soldier at the beginning. Not the hero that sets the world on fire, for that you have to slay some demons He's for sure no Kratos.

Originally Posted by crackajack View Post
The general rule of RPGs is normally to play a role. A dude with armor equipped, and not some leather nothing, is normally acting like a tank on the front line?!?
Well, unlike a character in leather armor you can take quite a beating in heavy armor. But as in reality armor doesn't make you invincible. Especially not if some 10 meter tall demon stomps on you. I find it funny how anyone could see the tower knight stomping on a character and think "some armor should protect me from that".

Originally Posted by crackajack View Post
A good game allows different playstyles. When i choose a knight it should be possible to act like a knight, not shift to archer, thief, magician all the time.
Morrowind allowed a nonsense mischmasch character. So here its the same?
Who says a knight is not allowed to use a bow if necessary? Who says a magician is not allowed to swing a sword? Of course a knight is not as efficient with the bow as a hunter is and a magician will more likely die in close combat than anything else. But I find the classless structure of the game quite refreshing. I hate RPG where you are forced into some pre-defined archetype.

DS allows different playstyles. You can beat pretty much every boss in melee, with ranged weapons or as magic user. I beat almost all in close combat. Only the dragons and one other boss were taken care of with the bow since it was much easier this way.

If you say this variety of playstyles is not enough I could argue Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a bad game, since it doesn't allow me to complete it without jumping and I prefer a jump-free playstyle

Originally Posted by crackajack View Post
I'm not even a fan of RPGs but it seems like as soon as great customization is available it is not only possible but necessary that the actually chosen role has to be blurred to an unrecognizable condition.
I disagree. As I said I played a knight and most of the game was beaten in the armor I got from the start, armed with longsword and shield. I added some neat tricks to my arsenal later on, like enchanting my weapon or a spell to reduce incoming damage. But that didn't take away from the role of a knight. If anything these spells just enforced the playstyle going in there upclose and personal with sword and shield.
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