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Re: What are you playing right now?

@crackajack: looks like you rushed headfirst into the jaws of death and died. Good. Boletaria is a dangerous place and carelessness gets you killed faster than anything else. On my first playthrough I've beaten most of the bosses on the first try. Quite a few of them are not really in a hurry to kill you, thus it's possible to come of with strategies on the go. Exceptions being the Tower Knight, Flamelurker and Maneater who slammed me into the ground more often than I care to count. I really hate Maneater.

@Topic: being a bit fed up with Crysis 2 I put it on indefinite hold and started Assassins Creed 2 instead. I have a soft spot for the first AC despite the game being seriously flawed. So far I really enjoy running over rooftops in the second part and it doesn't seem to make the same mistakes the first game did. However: the opening scene fleeing the lab was pretty boring. I wouldn't have minded seeing this handled in a cutscene.
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