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Re: Last movie impressions

I think Bale's performance and the writing of John Conner made him a angry martyrish non character in Salvation, and since he's kindof the center of the whole thing, I thought it gave the film an odd tone. We're supposed to follow the mysterious stranger and that's all well and good, but you know right off he can't replace Conner as the center of the story, so you keep waiting for the shoe to drop and Bale to come out and make the audience cheer and he, well....


My favorite thing in Salvation were the mechanical noises the Terminator's made. It gave them a threatening sonic weight they hadnt had in any earlier film. (Even in T2, for all their clanking, they still seemed lightweight and flimsy)

And I liked T3- It had a surprise down-ending and the best truck chase/property damage scene EVER.
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