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Re: Last movie impressions

With some more polish it could have been a wonderful movie about fame, friendship, loneliness & appreciation.

Body of Lies
Even when American movies try to be insightfully, the Wild West mentality and misunderstanding of other cultures seems to shine through. Also i did not get what the movie was actually about. Maybe it just wanted to have the message of Americas world police duties failing all the time?

He's Just Not That Into You
Fine little romantic comedy with an partly happy, partly unhappy, and so realistic, ending.

Role Models
Simple childish comedy, but i liked it.

Banlieue 13
Anyone liked Sime Sez? I did. I like action movies that are so terrible bad that it is funny. This here is better but still has a vast amount of bad lines in between those great parkour action scenes so it was very enjoyable.
Escape from New York, in Paris, could have been a great movie if the setup would have been more cleverly done and the political component not so naive, without the James Bond villain bullshit.

L'empire des loups
The first hour was brilliant, but the second not. It would have been a much better movie if it would have had some paranormal Fox Mulder stuff in it, because the scientifical explanations and the end made the characters and some horror scenes at the beginning totally nonsensical.

The Commitments
The singing was ok, but the rest most of the time boring with nonsensical quarrelings. A movie about an Irish soul band, great idea. But then show a little more of Dublin and there problems.

The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers
Most disturbing message was that he, Ellsberg, was disappointed by the American people who know after his leak more about the lies but still went on to ignore them.
Bush got also elected twice, so it seems that nothing has changed.
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