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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

The Cat and the Coup
FREE on Steam
A (very) short interactive documentary. It's not much of a game but i liked it a lot. Great music, great art style, important information of a part in history i wasn't aware of.
I definitely could enjoy such games if they took some hours (and have some more details).

Burnout Paradise
The crash simulation is excellent. But the brilliant car destruction physics are a problem when the rather static world is compared to it. There is almost nothing that reacts to the car. Flatout is a much more homogeneous experience. The driving physics are ok. Mario Kart style with a drift button, but not completely nuts like Ridge Racer. The city is rather boring because of the endless repetition in drive from point A, B ... W to Point X, Y, Z. I was racing to the start points and then racing to the always same finish lines. So driving to the actual race seemed sooner or later like a waste of time and would have been better hidden in a menu/campaign. The routes were often different but at the end it felt like a giant track and not like 20 something really various single tracks like in any other racing game. I even liked driving around in Empire City (Mafia 2) more because the City had character and there the repetition of seeing some curves more than once was no problem.
Online mode is imo almost broken. The menu is ok, although not as intuitive as "easy-drive" menu suggests, but if the host has no clue how to host it, all players are screwed. If some players decide to hop in and out the host's guidance is destroyed because the game he starts must be finished by all players. So basically you always have to pay attention which players play properly, send them friend invites and then set up a closed server. If an online game only works this way something is terribly wrong. Dedicated servers anyone?

Super Mario Galaxy 2
The first one one was better.
The story in SMG 2 only was acceptable when the main figure of SMG 1 made a visit, at the end. The story was the icing on the cake and it lacked totally here. The sort of linear world map was crap compared to what they had done in the past games. Comet alarms (and some other totally useless press ok) messages got very annoying. Especially when the green stars should be collected. Which means 120 times a message i don't care for at the second time it pops up and already started to be stupid when it popped up with the normal comet alarms before. Controls had (again) some issues with the coordinate system when running on the edge of some of the planets when one direction made Mario run in a circle or whatever. I thought those weirdnesses should have been removed at least in the sequel. Second annoying thing is the soapy start when Mario starts to run. That's ridiculous when it's important to have precise controls and he can only be properly controlled at full speed or when walking slowly. From standing still to get in motion is always a pain. (compared to Super Meat Boy for example)
I don't like Yoshi. Always. He is worse than Baby Mario in SMWorld.
Still, an awesome game. The levels are wonderfully designed, although i missed some more memorable outstanding levels like in SMG1 and the graphics look great.
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