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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by Zanbatou View Post
Mass Effect (PC)
This game gives you a whole galaxy to explore, but then it calls its main quest "A Race Against Time". What the hell? There is literally no point in the Mass Effect storyline where it makes any sense to actually explore the galaxy. You're far too busy trying to save it.

So I kindof feel like I'm missing out on half the game. I would love to go back and complete some of the dozens of sidequests that I skipped over, but I don't see how I could justify it. It would really mess up the "role playing" aspect of the game, which is important to me.

If the sequel weren't already out I would go back and play some of those missions, no question. Instead I think I'll just jump straight into Mass Effect 2. Hopefully it will do a better job at providing reasons and room to actually explore all the content being offered. I've spent 30 hours in the Mass Effect universe, and I'm thinking I could easily spend 100 more if only the games would let me.
freedom of choice in Mass Effect 2? Freedom to tackle missions in whatever order you choose because your choices don't really matter.

I would've preferred less galaxy map and more minigames to kill time, personally.
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