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Re: Guilt: Getting Rid of Games Everyone Loves

I guess Deadly Premonition would fit under this thread, for me. Tried playing it for two hours last night, as I had a bit more time than I normally do on a Thursday, and... no. Just awful.

I'm only keeping it because, as far as I know, it was a fairly limited production run for the game. I don't, however, actually feel guilty for not liking Deadly Premonition; it's so bad, in my eyes, I think the developers should be the ones who feel guilty. If I had to describe an emotion, I'm a little angry; angry that so many people have almost nothing but praise for the game, which convinced me to buy it in the first place (although I guess most people who recommend it do also admit it perhaps isn't for everbody), and angry that many of the flaws wouldn't have been *that* difficult to improve.

Shame. I wish I knew how the story ends. Everything not to do with gameplay was wonderful.
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