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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Basically completed Fallout 3 and the expansions (I say basically, as I do have a couple more side missions to do, but that's it; story missions all done). Wow. What a game. It's not often I come across something which makes me feel a whole spectrum of different feelings, from excitement, to fear, to the many "laugh out loud" moments, to sadness.

This is even more amazing when the game as unquestionable flaws. The graphics are pretty ugly, the missions that four of the five DLC packs offer are pretty terrible, not to mention combat being unbearable outside of the VATS system (if you tried to play the combat sections of this game as a FPS, the whole game would fail spectacularly). Much of the landscape is bland, the ending (or, rather, non-ending if you're taking the Broken Steel DLC into account) is underwhelming... I could go on.

On the other hand, everything outside of the combat, I loved. The various quirky characters you have the pleasure of meeting, the exploration, the main story up until about 3/4 of the way in, the way that many of the side missions were a self-contained story in itself. For example, Fallout 3 has provided me with one of the most intense experiences of my gaming life; There is a bit where you can be asked to go to a hospital, which is over-run with super mutants, and rescue a team of people trapped on the roof. Starts out as a pretty bog-standard quest, but the moment I got into that hospital and carelessly triggered the first trap I came across, forcing me to be more careful, it really did feel like a fight for survival. Easily my most tense moment in gaming. Looking out for super mutants whilst making sure I didn't trigger any traps by inching along two feet at a time and looking down at the floor carefully was genuinely terrifying!

A special mention has to go to last night's session, completing the final main mission in the game (the Point Lookout mission; I deliberately saved Point Lookout until last). You are given the choice of helping a centuries old ghoul, who is a complete asshole, or his nemesis, a centuries old disembodied brain... who is a complete asshole. Up until this point, all the moral choices in the game had been very black & white; blow up a town or save it, help the slaves or the slavers... this new decision was very refreshing. Anyway, you end up at the brain's secret hideout with the ghoul, and have to choose who to side with. I started shooting at the chamber the brain was contained in without any hesitation, and killed the brain. However, I was (genuinely) pretty pissed off at the collateral damage this years-old argument between two douchebags had caused, so after being thanked by the ghoul, I also blew his brains out. After doing this; silence. No music, no one left alive there to bother me, I just contently went through all the containers, taking anything I wanted, and left. Just a brilliant, brilliant moment in gaming. In fact, I'm almost tempted to leave Fallout 3 at that.

Regarding the recent thread, "What is your perfect 10?", Fallout 3 is about as close to perfection for me as I could hope for, and I'm kind of sad I'm not going to play a game this good for a while. That said, I will be giving Oblivion another try now I've finished F3, so fingers crossed
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