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Re: What are you playing right now?

Dirt 3 was included with my new graphics card, so I went right ahead and tried it to see if my new GPU delivers (yes!).

First impressions were those signs of a bad console port. Weird issues when launching the game and no mouse support for the menu. Seriously? The only thing missing was a "please do not turn off your console" while autosaving. Also I hate games that don't allow me to save my singleplayer(!) progress when I'm not signing in to some online network (Games for Windows Live). It didn't help that the GFWL server took what felt like centuries to sign me in. And why the hell do I need GFWL and Steam running in order to play this game? What's next? Do I have to run GFWL, Steam, Origin (EA) and the Bioware client in the background to play Mass Effect 3?

What came next were two annoying sidekicks (off screen) that are way too cheerful and talk to me like I'm some pre-schooler. The chief mechanic says 'awesome' way too much. Luckily it's possible to skip most of their monologue, thus I went ahead and did exactly that.

The handling works pretty well with the 360-pad (I don't own a racing wheel). However: the cars behave a bit odd at times. At times they don't necessarily behave as I assume real cars would behave, but then again: I still have some of the training wheels on. I assume it's getting better when all the gizmos are off.

The lights and sounds are really nice and make me feel like I'm sitting in a car wot goes fast. At least in the cockpit view (my favorite view for racing games anyway). From 3rd person I felt it lacked a bit impact, but that's personal preference I guess. I'm looking forward to the group B cars (my main motivation to play the game - I want to drive a Lancia Delta S4 or Peugeot 205 T16), but I fear they will become unlocked at the very last moment...

edit: hah, my 666th posting

edit 2:

You can put your mad driving skillz on YT if you so desire. However: the video seems to upload 480p at maximum and the graphics displayed are also worse than in the game. On top of it all it takes ages until you get through the queue to upload.

But the worst so far: the notion in game that you can buy access to additional teams and cars in the live store. WTF? Why don't I get a complete game anymore? If I would have paid actual money for Dirt 3 I would be furious right now. Since it was a freebie I'm only slightly furious.
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